Book Release: Stuart Troxel’s Spring of Nineteen

Few people know it, but last year I was in the process of starting my own book publishing company called Trouvaille Fine Art and Publishing, a cool little venture that would oversee the publication of books by local artists and authors. Unfortunately, one too many other obligations prevented me from pursuing this effort with the gusto I had originally intended.
Then, this past spring I was given the opportunity to showcase a collection of my work in downtown Indianapolis. While at first I saw this purely as an opportunity to showcase my art and get some great exposure, I soon realized that the selection of paintings I chose to display formed a very distinct narrative, one with a beginning, a middle, and an end (the end, of course, is in fact the beginning of a brand NEW narrative).
And so, I have collected this selection of paintings (as well as some drawings, essays, and typewritten letters) into my very first art book entitled “Stuart Troxel’s Spring of Nineteen.” The artwork and essays in this book form a unique and intriguing story full of humor, beauty, and the type of insanity only an artist can get away with. Only 50 copies of this handsomely designed, limited edition book are being published, so once they are sold, they’re gone for good.
To order your copy click the image below:

Spring of Nineteen Cover Ad

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